Digital News Report 2021 – An Overview of the Canadian Results

22 juin 2021 / Journalisme, Publics, Tendances
Mots-clés: Désinformation, Internaute, Journalisme, Médias en ligne

Canadian data from the Digital News Report, summarized in this 2021 edition of our annual overview, show that trust in news in Canada remains relatively stable compared to pre-pandemic data. This is in contrast with international results, where it is actually on the rise. 

The impacts of the current crisis on news are being felt nonetheless. For example, more than half of respondents report seeing misleading information about COVID-19 in the week prior to the survey, more than for any other topic.

This year, we also asked Canadians about their perceptions of media coverage of groups with whom they may identify. The results show general satisfaction toward media coverage, but less so among certain groups, including the English-speaking political right, people aged 18 to 24, women and members of lower income households.

The Digital News Report is an annual online survey of news consumers’ habits and perceptions conducted in 2021 in 46 countries and piloted by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. The Centre d’études sur les médias is the Canadian partner in the study. Data collection took place from January 14 to February 15, 2021.

A French version of the summary is also available on our website.

Throughout the year, the CEM will propose thematic publications on various topics studied during this survey. The first one, about the consumption habits of online information, is available in French through the following link.